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Welcome onboard


Now you’re up and running with Lanetalk. Bowlers can already find your center in the Live Scoring, get game stats, digital score cards and play tournaments from your center. Let the fun begin!

An introduction to the platform

Get started with Tournaments

Good to know about the app

  • PDF Flyer: App intro to your bowlers, part I. Download!
  • PDF Flyer: Get more knowledge about the app, part II. Download!
  • How to compare your stats with a friend. Learn more!
  • How to import your league scores to the app. Learn more!
  • How to challenge your friends in a match. Learn more!

Promotion material

  • 15 sec video for center monitors
  • Flyer: App intro to your bowlers, part I
  • Flyer: Get more knowledge about the app, part II
  • Social media promotion

Download here!

Welcome to Lanetalk!

A warm welcome to Lanetalk from Jason Belmonte to You as a Center Manager.


How a bowler can join a tournament

Give your customer the opportunity to participate in global tournaments

How to join a tournament

How to set up a tournament

It’s very easy to set up a tournament or a monthly competition in your local center.

How to set up a tournament

How to get started with Lanetalk

Printable guide for your customers to get started
with the Lanetalk app.

Guide to get bowlers started

How to set up a friendly game

Challenge friends here or on the other side of the globe.
Check out this quick guide.

How to set up a friendly game


Many bowlers are already using Lanetalk, but to get more action in your center we have created flyers, posters, pictures and scoring monitor videos that you can download and use in your center, to get more attention to the new possibilities for your bowlers.

Flyer "App Intro to bowlers, part I"
Download (pdf)

Flyer "Get more knowledge about the app, part II"
Download (pdf)

Flyer "Ranking"
Download (pdf)

Monitor promotion "Ranking"
Download (bmp)

Qubica Monitor promotion "Ranking"
Download (bmp)

Scoring monitor video promotion ”Improve with Lanetalk”
Download (mp4)

"Official Showdown Tour Center"
Download (pdf)

"Official Showdown Host Center"
Download (pdf)

Kyle Troup on all benefits
Download (pdf)

Social Media downloads

Promote your center by showing you’re connected to Lanetalk. You can download and use these pictures in your own social media channels if you want to.

”We’re connected to Lanetalk”
Download (jpg)

”Now you can get your score card to your phone”
Download (jpg)

”Add your league score to Lanetalk”
Download (png)

"Center Ranking Social 1"
Download (png)

"Center Ranking Social 2"
Download (png)

Videos to share in your channels

Help your bowlers to understand how they can use Lanetalk in your center. Feel free to post a link to these videos in your social media channels to your customers. To download a video to your computer: Right-click on the download link and select “SAVE LINK AS”, then select where to save it.

Jason Belmonte: Lanetalk is now activated in your center!
Download ()

Randy Pedersen: Download the Lanetalk app!
Download ()

Jason Belmonte: How I use the Lanetalk app
Download ()

Kyle Troup: Introducing the global handicap
Download ()

Live Scoring

With Live Scoring you can see how many bowlers that are playing right now. It’s also a great feature if you want to see how your friends are doing in a tournament at another center.

Find live scoring


Ongoing Tournaments!

There’s always a tournament running in the Lanetalk app. Take a look for yourself, maybe you should give it a go at one? It’s free for all users.

What´s going on?


How to create my own center competition?

It’s really simple to setup a local center competition or a tournament – and it’s all for free! But first, you need to send a mail to support@lanetalk.com to add you as a center match administrator so that you can create your own local competitions. Follow this guide on how to create a local center competition.

I need help, who do I contact?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Please drop us a mail to support@lanetalk.com and we will reply asap.