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how to set up a private match

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It’s easy to create a private match where your friends may try to beat you. Follow this simple step-by-step video or the guide below and then show who’s the king or queen on the lanes – once and for all!

  1. Open the Lanetalk app and tap ”Play” in the bottom list.
  2. In the upper right corner, tap the “3 dots”
  3. Tap the cross on top of the default image to select a photo from your phone to use to present your match.
  4. Type in a Match name.
  5. Type in a Description for your match, for example the rules and awards.
  6. Select the desired Format of your match, i.e. start date, duration, games to play and how many attempts (re-entries) you want to accept.
  7. Click on Players to select the players that you want to invite.
Important note 1 – You need to be friends in the app

Please note that you can only invite bowlers that you are friends with, and they have followed you back.

Important note 2 – No changes after first attempt has been played

As soon as you or any of your friends has made their first attempt, you are not able to change any settings, i.e., you cannot add players or change the format. So either make sure that you have invited everyone from the beginning or delete your first private match and create a new. We don’t like when people are changing the rules as we go, right?

Important note 3 – All your friends can play, wherever and whenever

You can invite all your friends in the private match, if you are friends in the app. They don’t have to play in the same center or at the same time. Don’t hesitate to become friends with new bowlers, everyone likes a fun match!

If you must switch lanes in the middle of your game, make sure that the center helps you to transfer the scores to the new lane in the scoring system so that you may resume playing. The app will update accordingly.

If you have any questions or need help to troubleshoot any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us on or by sending us a DM on Facebook or Instagram.

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