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Bring the action
to your center

Bring the action
to your center

Take your center to the next level.
No installation or subscription needed!

Lanetalk is connected to the center’s scoring system and automatically gathers the score directly from your scoring system. Bowlers can use the Lanetalk app to dive into their statistics, follow their progress and get new insights. It is also the first online hub for regional, national and global tournaments – and a great way to follow friends’ games or challenge them to matches.

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Centers connected: 801
Games tracked: 230 000 000

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Global tournaments
is a success

By adding your center to the Lanetalk network, you open up for your bowlers to practice more effectively and take their game to the next level and play more and bigger tournaments. All in all you’ll have more guests spending more time in your center.

PBA Global Showdown was the second global tournament powered by Lanetalk. It was a great success and became the worlds biggest bowling tournament – but we have even higher expectations for the upcoming tournaments.

  • 13,517 participants in 565 centers in 27 countries
  • 109,581 games played, over 50,000 hours!
  • Average of 6 games per participant
  • Live broadcasted Grand Finale with 6 finalists from 5 countries viewed by over 500,000 viewers
  • 7 weeks tournament, free to entry (18+)

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You already have Lanetalk!
Just activate it in your scoring system.

Adding your center to Lanetalk is easy. It’s already included in most scoring systems and you activate it in a few clicks. You don’t need any extra hardware, software or subscription from Lanetalk. Contact your scoring system provider or Lanetalk for more info or click on your scoring system logo below to follow a simple step-by-step guide.

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  • Live Scoring & Leaderboards
  • Create your own center competitions
  • Let your bowlers join online tournaments
  • Digital score cards & stats for your bowlers
  • Makes practice more rewarding
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”The virtual global tournaments that we collaborate on with
Lanetalk attract thousands of bowlers at hundreds of bowling
centers worldwide and are one of the most innovate
initiatives we have ever launched!”
Lev Ekster, Chief Strategy Officer at BowleroCorp

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Latest connected centers

25 June The Alley, Ottawa, IL, USA
24 June Funtime Bowl, Lewisburg, TN, USA
24 June Bowling Hutzot Hamifratz, Haifa, Israel
22 June Cardinal Lanes Beach Bowl, Wilmington, NC, USA
21 June Superplay USA, Port St. Lucie, FL, USA
21 June Copper Bowl, Colville, WA, USA
21 June Dogwood Social House, O’Fallon, MO, USA
21 June Agri 4 Hat, Agri, Turkey
21 June The Golden Isles Strike Zone, Brunswick, GA USA
18 June Bolerama Forum, Cuernavaca, Mexico
16 June Sunset Lanes, New York, NY, USA
16 June Boulevard Lanes, Dover, OH, USA
16 June 300 Bowl, Conroe, TX, USA
16 June AMF Wantagh Lanes, USA
16 June Aubenas Bowling, France
15 June Coconut Bowl, Sparks, NV
15 June Old Orchard Lanes, Savoy, IL, USA
15 June Foxfire Lanes, Kannapolis, NC, USA
14 June Ozark Lanes, Fayetteville, AR, USA

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