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how to set up a friendly challenge

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It’s easy to create a friendly challenge where your friends may try to beat you. Follow this simple step-by-step video or the guide below and then show who’s the king or queen on the lanes – once and for all!

  1. Open the Lanetalk app and tap ”Play” in the bottom list
  2. Tap on the “Challenge friends” button
  3. Use the default image or select from your camera roll
  4. Type in a Title to be used for the challenge/match
  5. Type in a Description for your match, for example the rules and awards.
  6. Select the desired Format of your match, i.e. start date, duration, games to play and how many attempts (re-entries) you want to accept.
  7. Below the Players heading, tap on Select to select the friends that you want to invite.
You need to be friends in the app

Please note that you can only invite bowlers that you are friends with, and they have followed you back. They can play in ANY Lanetalk center and at any time. It doesn’t have to be live at the same time.

How do my friend join the challenge?

Your friend will receive an app notification telling them that they are invited by you to join a challenge. Your friend can also see it by tapping the Play icon in the app and scroll down to the match card. Tap the match card and accept the challenge. We suggest that they finish to play their game on the lane and when completed, to claim their game in the app and use the scores in the challenge. Your friends can play anytime they like as long as it is within the period that is selected for the challenge. They can be in ANY Lanetalk connected center worldwide.

How to use my score in the challenge?

When your friend has completed their games, they tap on the Play tab, then Track games, Find games. Select the bowling center and the player name you used and the lanes to search for your scores. In the list of scores, select the score block that you want to use in the challenge and tap Add games. Select Use games in tournament and then select the challenge.

If you have any questions or need help to troubleshoot any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us on or by sending us a DM on Facebook or Instagram.

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