LANETALK - Connecting the World of Bowling - Features Bowlers

Next level of bowling

How do you keep score of your play? How can you follow your progress and get insights on areas for improvement? We have the app that will do the job and much more!

Download the app today and join the global bowling world!

Features for bowlers

Track your game

When you connect the app to your bowling center it will collect your scores automatically and in real time. Track your games, pin-by-pin and build your own statistical archive.

Follow friends and stars

Connect your friends in the app and get a notice when they play. Send a virtual High five when they beat their personal record or win a match. Hopefully you’ll get a lot of high fives when you play! Follow friends and stars and your app feed will be filled with exciting news.

Smart statistics

By using gathered statistics from your play, the app provides you with detailed and advanced insights. Compare your stats with your friend’s and competitor’s, analyze your progress over time and get key insights on how to become a better bowler. How often do you leave the 10-pin, and what’s your current strike percentage compared to a year ago?

Competitions & Tournaments

Wherever, whenever. There’s always a leaderboard to master. In the app, you’ll find local, regional or global competitions, waiting for you to join. Take the chance to master the leaderboards and walk away with a new bowling ball or high-value cash prizes.

Digital scorecards

No more hassle with manual entry – all scores will automatically be saved in your personal statistics archive in the app. Enjoy the beautiful and comprehensive scorecards. Revisit them as often as you like and share your result in social media!

Challenge your friends

Do you want to challenge your friends? No problem! But we cannot guarantee that they don’t chicken out. You don’t even have to be at the same center or play at the same time. It’s easy to setup and you make up the rules and the prizes. Learn how to setup a private match

Live scoring

Who is mastering the weekly leaderboard? Don’t have time to visit the alley or your friend is playing a league match in another city? No worries, with the live scoring feature in the app, you won’t miss a single pin! Follow the live scoring

Language support

The app is provided in English, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Swedish – more languages will be added very soon.

Coming features

The app supports scratch play, but we have exciting news for you! We will release a global handicap system during 2022. With the new handicap system in place, we will offer handicap players a better chance to conquer the leaderboards and win more prizes!

League & Team Play
Another high demand feature is about to be developed. The most popular request is to be able to compete as a team. To win as a team is twice as fun! From 2 to 8 people can form a team and compete in a league or a tournament. Keep your eyes open for coming releases!