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Optimize your game

How do you keep score of your play? How can you follow your progress and get insights on areas for improvement? We have the app that will do the job and much more! Welcome to the world of Online Bowling.

Download the app today and join the global bowling world!

Features for bowlers

Track your games and league score

Track practice and competition scores and follow your progress over time. It’s the perfect way to analyze and improve your performance in league play.

Digital Score cards

The app is connected to the center’s scoring system and automatically logs your score. You’ll have all your score cards in the app.

Smart statistics and analytics

Get in-depth insights on where your game is heading. Compare and analyze your progress over time.

Share your scores

Brag about your streaks or show your new PB to your friends. And it’s not only final scores; is your spare conversion flawless? Just flaunt it!

Challenge friends to matches

Challenge Lanetalk-friends or pros to a match and make your time in the center more competitive and fun every time!

Compare with opponents & pros

Understand your strengths and weaknesses when comparing your stats with opponents and pro bowlers.

Competitions & Tournaments

There’s always a tournament running on Lanetalk. Join local, regional or global competitions and master the leaderboards!

Live Scoring

Follow every frame in real-time from all connected centers. See how they are doing in your local center or the big tournaments.

Get performance data for your balls

You can add all your bowling balls and tag each shot with the ball you used. Over time, you’ll get a unique insight into your balls’ performance.

Tag games with balls & oil pattern

Tag ball, condition & oil pattern for every game to analyze differences and get insights on what equipment to use in different conditions.

Filter and compare balls by oil pattern

Filter your results by specific conditions like center, lane, ball or oil pattern. Compare the results and get new smart insights.

Global Handicap system

With the first global handicap system for bowling, you can join local and global competitions and get up to 50 extra points.

PBA & USBC Tour Stats

Comprehensive stats in real-time from the Pro Tour. Follow your favorite bowler and compare the best bowlers in the world.

Join the community & follow friends

Join the online bowling community. Follow friends and give them a high five or comment on their games while or after they’ve played.