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How to create a tournament

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MATCHES is an online bowling competition concept by Lanetalk. In this guide, we go through all the necessary parameters. Later, when you create a Match and define your match settings you will see this concept has endless possibilities.
Welcome to the beginning of a new standard in bowling.


Center competitions / matches

… is created by the center admin that you select

– Available to join in your center only (only visible in the app when visiting your center)
– Open to everyone in the center to participate, or protected with a password
– You select the format: amount of games, attempts, divisions, date periods etc.
– You can have multiple competitions running at the same time
– Bowlers can use the free version of the LaneTalk app to participate (no subscription needed)
– Reach out to to add a center match admin to your center.
– Anyone with a LaneTalk account can be your match admin (Youth, League managers etc)
– You can create and manage your competitions in the LaneTalk app or in a Web portal.

To add a Center competition using the LaneTalk app:

(Make sure that you have been added as a Center match admin before following this instruction)

  1. Open the Lanetalk app and tap ”Play” in the bottom list.
  2. Tap the green Create center match button.
  3. Tap Add photo to select a picture to use for your competition.
  4. Type in a Match name to use as the Title for your competition.
  5. Type in a Description for your competition, for example the rules and awards.
  6. Select the desired Format of your match, i.e. start date, duration, games to play and how many attempts (re-entries) you want to accept.
  7. If you are using the web portal, you are able to setup divisions for youth, adults, seniors, male, female etc.
  8. Watch a video on how to setup a Center match/challenge

Global matches

… is created by the LANETALK team

– Public web leaderboards
– Play in selected bowling centers worldwide
– These Matches are visible to everyone in the app’s play selector
– Participation criteria: open to all or locked with a password
– No participant limit
– Supports different divisions (youth, adult, senior, male, female)
– Supports the Lanetalk Global Handicap System
– Supports up to 20,000 participants per week


Pick any Match type, and you have created yourself a competition. Or put several together, configure each step to suit your format, and you have a tournament.

Here are four examples:

Create a private Match and invite all your friends. Everyone can play when and where they want. All bowling scores show up on a leaderboard that only you and your friends can see. We call it Friendly challenges.
Learn more

Suppose there are several bowling clubs in your bowling center. The clubs want to compete in a small competition. First, you create a Qualification match open for everyone. Two weeks later, you create a Final for the top 20 from the Qualification. The Final match is using a password that you distributes to the finalists.

There are several Bowling Clubs and Bowling Centers in the City. They want to create a tournament where they nominate the best Bowler in the city. They create one qualification match for each center and then, they invite the top 10 qualifiers to the city Final.

Suppose the national bowling team in Sweden and USA wants to nominate the year’s best bowler. Then ask Lanetalk (Super Admin) to set up five Global Matches and find out who’s the champ.


Contact us and we’ll help. No problem!

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