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Lanetalk's Global Handicap System


Our new global handicap system is designed to add more thrill and intensity to upcoming global tournaments. It will add up to 50 extra points to your game, but never help you to exceed 250 points. Keep reading to understand how it works. We hope that you will like it!

Just a reminder before you continue, the global handicap system is designed to let everyone in the world compete, which means that it’s not based on your national league handicap system. Instead, the Lanetalk handicap system (LHCP) is based on the games that you have logged to your Lanetalk app profile.

You need 20 games or more to activate LHCP

Your LHCP handicap is calculated using your logged games in your phone. To be able to use your Lanetalk handicap, you need to make sure that you have a minimum of 20 games (competition or matches games) logged to your profile during the last 12 months.

Learn how to add your old scores to your profile >

How does the Lanetalk handicap work?

At the start of the game, your max score will be 300, hence you don’t need a handicap. If your max score drops below 250, the LHCP will be activated and added to your actual score, but not to exceed 250. The LHCP points will continuously be added on top of your score to get you closer to 250.

How is my Lanetalk handicap calculated?

The average score that you normally see in your profile is based on all your logged games. The average that is used to calculate your LHCP is based on a selection of games. We gather and index all your games from the last 12 months, the extreme high and lows are removed. Your average will be based on the remaining games. Your recent games above average are duplicated. Your LHCP average is based on the remaining games and your LHCP points will be a result of this calculation. A new LHCP calculation will be done every time you add a new game to your profile.

The Lanetalk handicap is your calculated average subtracted from 220 and multiplied by 70%. Your LHCP is between 0-50 points and cannot make your score exceed 250 points.

When can I use my LHCP points?

The Lanetalk handicap is designed to be used during Lanetalk tournaments where people from around the world compete together. If you see a icon on the match card, then you know that you can use LHCP in that specific competition. You can also ask your local center proprietor to setup a local tournament where you can use LHCP.

Want to know Your LHCP or to learn more about LHCP?

Head on to the Lanetalk app, tap on the Profile tab, then tap on the yellow LHCP button to see your LHCP points as well as to learn more about how it works.

Why does LHCP only help me get to 250 and not 300?

The global handicap system is designed to add more thrill and excitement to the game and to attract more bowlers to compete in worldwide tournaments. With the LHCP activated, bowlers get more engaged to compete and have a better chance to master the leaderboards.

We want to grow the sport and represent sportsmanship and we want to encourage bowlers to find their grit, work hard work and become even stronger players. We are always looking for fair play and the 250 roof is there to avoid the temptation of cheating and balancing it between providing an advantage and equalize the the chances of winning.

The goal is, like in any handicap system, to make it possible for less experienced participants to win whilst maintaining fairness. We want to encourage fairness and grit at the same time as we want as many participants as possible shall be able to enjoy the sport that we love.

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