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Track your scores from any bowling center!

There’s thousands of bowling centers that’s automatically sending the scores to Lanetalk. If your center isn’t connected with Lanetalk yet, you can use the manual scorekeeping feature.

Or, show your center this link to connect the center for free today!

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Manual scorekeeping with Lanetalk

  • Track your scores, see your average and progress, get aggregated stats and gain key insights to improve your game. Analyze and compare your stats with competitors, professionals and fellow bowlers.
  • It’s easy to enter your scores into the app. Explore your digital scorecards and learn more about your play. What’s your most common pin-leaves? What’s your strike-on-strike percentage?
  • Keeping all your scores on your phone will allow you to analyze them in-depth, see trends and you can brag and share the good games!

The Lanetalk solution

  • With the free app, you can enjoy the automatic score submission from connected centers, or use the manual scorekeeping to record all your bowling scores.
  • As a free user, all games are saved to your profile, but your statistics report is limited to your last 6 games. As a paying subscriber, your stats are based on all stores games in your profile.
  • As a PRO subscriber, you are able to tag your games with, for example, oil pattern and bowling ball. With these tags, you can get even more detailed comparisons, data and stats.

App features

Smart stats that evolves your game

By downloading the app and record your scores, you will enjoy in-depth statistics & performance data, digital score cards, comparisons, leaderboards and ranking features. You will also be able to follow friends, competitors and bowling stars. Keep all your league and tournament scores in one app!

Online Competitions & Tournaments

Join online competitions and tournaments from your local center. Enjoy all the fun and take part in virtual online bowling tournaments and put your name on the global map! Note that all competitions don’t offer manual entered scores to participate.

Live scoring & Leaderboards

Follow the action from live connected centers. Use the app to follow the play in real time, pin-by-pin and frame-by-frame. This is a much appreciated feature!

How do I input my scores?

It’s simple to get started with manual scorekeeping!

1. Download the Lanetalk app and setup your account
2. Tap on GAMES tab and then tap on “ADD GAMES”. Tap the bottom “MANUAL SCOREKEEPING” link.
3. Input the score for each frame and save the game when you are done. Add additional games to your block if wanted. Select the date you played. Save your games.
4. You have now stored the score for your games and you can get aggregated stats and new insights based on your play. As a pro subscriber, you can add your own tags such as the bowling ball and oil pattern.

Pricing & Subscriptions

The app is free to use, but there are some really powerful features provided for paying subscribers. Learn more about our subscription plans.

Print out the above picture and display it in your bowling alley. The QR-code will take the bowler to this page where he can download the app and read more about how to use the feature.