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next level of bowling

With more than 150 million tracked games, Lanetalk’s unique technology platform, mobile App and access to scoring data is now revolutionizing and digitizing the sport of bowling on a global basis. The platform includes Live Scoring, Online Tournaments, a training and competition app, statistics and rankings that opens up the world for all bowlers.

Free to join to become host center!

Why install Lanetalk?

  • Lanetalk is digitizing bowling by adding a unique fully integrated platform connected to over 600 bowling centers 100 000 active bowlers – a number that is growing fast.
  • Using the app, the bowler can track their progress, get digital score cards, gain insights about their play, compare ranking and results with other players, be part of the bowling society and compete with anyone – anywhere.
  • Once connected to the platform, the center can utilize benefits such as Live Scoring, Digital Score cards, Center matches, Leaderboards and be part of global competitions.

The benefits for your center

  • Be part of the modern Cloud and App-based bowling world. Let your bowlers track their training, see their score and compete and compare results with others.
  • You don’t have to replace anything, just add the Lanetalk platform as a new feature.
  • With the new platform in place, you will gain happy bowlers, both professional bowlers as well as casual bowlers who will stay longer in your center and come back more frequently.
  • The online scoring service is provided free of charge for your center.

Features for centers


Features for training and competition, statistics, automatic score tracking, live scoring, digital score cards, comparisons, leaderboards, ranking, follow friends and bowling stars. Let your customers take part in tournaments, share and brag about their scores and enjoy all the fun!

Matches, Competitions & Tournaments

Utilize the powerful matches platform to create local center matches and let your bowlers take part in global tournaments that drives more business to your center. Read more

Live scoring & Leaderboards

Let the world follow the action in your center. Live scoring provided on web site and thru the mobile app. Follow the play in your center in real time, pin-by-pin and frame-by-frame. Utilize weekly leaderboards and provide digital score cards for your players.

Online booking

A modern platform that digitizes the booking process. Let your customers book or prepay their lanes or food & beverage packages. Increase your occupancy, profitability and reduce your administration at the same time. Booking and player names are fully integrated with your scoring system. Easy installation of widget on your website. Simple to control price lists, opening hours and discount packages. Contact to learn more.