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How to add your scores to your profile

There’s thousands of bowling centers who’s automatically sending the scores to Lanetalk. Track your scores, see your average and progress, get aggregated stats and gain key insights to improve your game.

The new app interface

Automatic Scorekeeping

  • If you are in a LaneTalk connected center:
  • Complete your games and tap GAMES, then tap the ADD GAMES button.
  • Find the center where you played by using the nearby centers list, or use the search feature to find your center.
  • After selecting the center, input the player name that you used at the lane. Select the scores to input to your app profile.

Manual Scorekeeping

  • Use the manual scorekeeping to record your scores if your center is not connected to LaneTalk.
  • When standing at the lanes, tap PLAY, then tap ADD GAMES.
  • In the bottom of the screen, tap the MANUAL SCOREKEEPING link.
  • Now you are able to input your scores, frame-by-frame and game by game.

Where did Track my games go?

To minimize potential connectivity issues, we strongly recommend to use the “ADD GAMES” feature to import your scores when you have finished your play. You are able to find your scores up to 3 months after you have played.

Tap PLAY -> “Live Tracking” link to automatically track your scores as you play.