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We would love to welcome you onboard the Lanetalk platform. Please continue to read to get to know everything you need to know to get started.

The Lanetalk platform is provided FREE of charge and the Lanetalk software is already included in your scoring software. Depending on the Conqueror version you are running, QubicaAMF may charge a fee to activate Lanetalk in your system. Please contact your local QubicaAMF reseller to verify your compatibility.


– Conqueror Pro v12 or higher or Conqueror X
– Lanetalk interface – Contact your local QubicaAMF sales representative
– Any Qubica/QubicaAMF scoring system (BES X, QScore, BES, Bowland X, Bowland and
Bowland Lite)

  1. Create a free Lanetalk center account by clicking the button below
    Create Center Account

    Conqueror X:
  2. If the “Ltalk”-icon is grey;
    – The Lanetalk interface isn’t activated and you need to contact your local QubicaAMF sales representative for assistance.
    If the “Ltalk”-icon is green;
    – Tap it to enable Lanetalk.
  3. Enter your email address and password (key string) that you received when signing up for a Lanetalk center account.
  4. Make sure you select all lanes.

As soon as the first full game is received from your center, your center is activated and will be found in the Lanetalk Live scoring. Search for your center name and you will see that you are sending live data!

Is your center already activated and live on the Lanetalk platform?

See tutorials and user guides

Do you have any questions?

Please check the FAQ section or reach out to us by sending a mail to and we will get back to you asap.