LANETALK - Connecting the World of Bowling - Steltronic



The Lanetalk is fully built into the Focus system. To activate Lanetalk in your center, please start by register a Lanetalk account using the setup panel in Steltronic Focus.


– Focus v12.5 or higher
– Internet and TCP/80 open


These instructions are valid for all versions of Focus.

First you need to activate the interface:

  1. Open either the Steltronic.IBCMS.PairServer.exe.config or PairServer.Local.config file.
  2. Find the following key and make sure it’s set to true, not false:
  3. Save the file and restart the Focus server.

The last thing you need to do is register a Lanetalk account:

  1. Click on (1) “Configuration Manager”
  2. Click on (2) “Lanetalk” tab
  3. Fill in your (3) bowling center information
  4. Click enroll center and you’re all done!


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